Instructional Depth and Rigor - HCDE

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Harris County Department of Education, 6300 Irvington Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77022

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 | 9AM-3:30PM | $150 per attendee

Audience - K-12 Teachers, Leaders, Instructional Specialists

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It is reasonable to expect that, as students proceed through the grades, more reasoning and analysis will be expected of them and less simple recall and recognition” (Webb, 2007).

Professional learning about depth of instruction and academic rigor are important components of achieving student success. During this session, participants will explore the depth of knowledge characteristics and learn about a common definition of rigor to guide learning. Teachers or leaders will also learn ways to (1) identify and develop questions at various levels of complexity, (2) plan instruction to the depth and rigor at which students will be expected to perform during assessments and life, and (3) select resources to support the cognitive complexity levels.

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