Standards Documents: ELAR/SLAR TEKS

From this page you can download the vertical-alignment versions of the 2008 revised English and Spanish Language Arts and Reading Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. These documents contain the same information as the rule text, which is available on the Texas Education Agency Web site; however, for ease of use, the information has been reformatted to display, at a glance, the corresponding student expectations for each grade level.

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Note: The ELAR TEKS document is available in two formats. The first includes the student expectations for kindergarten through grade 12 (English IV), and the second includes the expectations for kindergarten through grade 5. The rule text can be found on the TEA Web site.


Note: The rule text can be found on the TEA Web site.

ESOL TEKS I-II Introduction

Note: The rule text can be found on the TEA Web site.

TEKS Glossary

  • TEKS Glossary (English) PDF

    The definitions in this glossary are intended to help the teachers of Texas develop a deeper understanding of the 2008 ELAR and SLAR TEKS. Many of the terms and definitions included in this glossary are specific to the content of the TEKS. These terms may have additional meanings in other contexts.

  • Glosario TEKS (Español) PDF

    Las definiciones de este glosario pretenden facilitar a los maestros Texanos una mejor comprensión de ELAR y SLAR. Muchos de los términos y definiciones incluídos en el presente glosario servirán para ser utilizados de modo específico al preparar los contenidos de TEKS. Algunos términos pueden tener significados adicionales en otros contextos.

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