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Audience - 6-12 Teachers, Instructional Specialists or Coaches, Campus or District Leaders

September 19, 2017: Module 1 – Syllable Types (Session #45175)
October 10, 2017: Module 2 – Understanding Word Parts to Gain Meaning (Session #45176)
November 13, 2017: Module 3 – Building Background Knowledge and Making Connections (Session #45177)
January 9, 2017: Module 4 – Using Context Clues to Understand Text (Session #45179)
February 5, 2018: Module 5 – Making Inferences (Session #45180)
March 7, 2018: Module 6 – Summarize and Synthesize (Session #45181)

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Students’ ability to read on grade level with high levels of thinking does not happen by chance. Through this series of modules, participants will learn how to build students’ ability to think deeper as they read to learn. The modules will begin at the word level to strengthen decoding of complex text and will build up to the highest levels of comprehension (Figure 19): making inferences, summarizing, and synthesizing.

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