Institute HB5 Resources and Other Shared Assets

Graduation Requirements

For changes to graduation requirements passed by SBOE on January 31, 2014 – click here. Please note this is not the final language as the TEA is still making technical edits.  Final language will be posted here once technical edits have been made.

TEA Press Release – SBOE approves new graduation plan.  Click here to read TEA’s press release.

TASA Update on Graduation Requirements-TASA governmental relations summary of SBOE actions in January.  Click here to read the summary.

HD Chambers Presentation February 10th, 2014

With updated changes from the SBOE, HD Chambers shares vision and implementation recommendations for school leaders.  Click here to view presentation - HDChambersThrivewithFive-2-10-14.

Institute summary from Thrive with Five – Thrive with Five 2 10 14 – Institute Summary

Helpful Career Assessments

Marble Falls ISD Assets

Somerset ISD Assets – Curriculum Forum Presentation Somerset ISD

Cautionary Report

Obaseki, Victor O., Seth A. Kessler, and Kathryn A. Freeman. Post-Legislative Session Report: Primary and Secondary Education. Rep. Austin: Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis, The University of Texas at Austin, 2013. Print.

Free Informational Videos

The Institute is planning two stages of video production. The Parent Message, a short video that informs the parents of 8th grade students about upcoming changes and requirements for their children under this new legislation will be the first initiative.  The Institute plans to produce this video during January 2014. This video will be available in both English and Spanish and be available across the State of Texas.  (See completed videos below.  Subscribe to listserv by emailing

The second phase of video production will create Student-to-Student videos.  The purpose of these videos will be to inform 8th grade students about the five endorsement areas.  The first student videos will focus on describing the types of courses required certificates that may be earned, and associates or bachelor’s degrees, as well as career opportunities within each endorsement.  These videos will also include information about the following:

  • The importance of maintaining academic rigor regardless of endorsement pathway, with an emphasis on graduating with the distinguished level of achievement
  • Information about the changes coming to high schools as a result of HB5
  • Parental consent that will be required in 8th grade and when/if a student chooses to leave an endorsement area and return to the Foundation Program established by the SBOE
  • Career paths associated with an endorsement area
  • Changes to graduation requirements
  • Changing job markets in Texas and the nation and why additional training within the endorsement areas and associated university coursework will be necessary for future job opportunities.