Helping Students and Teachers Succeed


In increasingly competitive times, students now more than ever before need to succeed in school and be prepared for the workforce and for college or university-level work.   Academic success not only serves as a significant predictor of the student’s future earnings and self-reliance, but it also affects the future economic stability of our state and nation.

As the models of schooling and methods of measurement continue to change, districts, teachers, and students find themselves having to adapt to emerging technological trends and changing standards of evaluation.

The Institute serves our common goal of helping students achieve their academic potential through two primary types of initiatives – those that directly support students and those that equip and empower teachers with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in today’s classroom.  Here are some examples of initiatives where the Institute has partnered with state and national agencies, associations, and foundations to increase student and teacher success in Texas.


 Core Initiatives

 Student Intervention and Acceleration

 College Coursework in High School

 College Access and Success