Developing Leadership and School Effectiveness


“The top-performing school systems recognize that the only way to improve outcomes is to improve instruction: learning occurs when students and teachers interact, and thus to improve learning implies improving the quality of that interaction” (McKinsey & Co., 2007, p. 26). Thus, high achieving school systems focus attention on improving instruction by developing instructional leaders, supporting classroom instructional practices, allowing time for peer collaboration, and setting realistic goals.

School and district leaders play important roles in establishing collaborative cultures aimed at analyzing and using relevant student data, examining and supporting the implementation of evidence-based practices, and monitoring program effectiveness. Although this may sound simple, establishing a collaborative culture focused on improving outcomes while simultaneously integrating support and monitoring can be challenging.

The Institute for Public School Initiatives divisions have experience working with leaders at the campus and/or district level in rural, urban, and charter settings focusing on working collaboratively to accomplish common goals.

In partnering with your school or district, The Institute  will develop a customized support plan that focuses on your goal(s). The customized support plan may include organizational effectiveness, leadership, data analysis, or curriculum alignment and be specific to:

Onsite Support

  • District
  • School
  • Vertical Alignment

Online Resources

To discuss how The Institute can assist your organization in its efforts to create change, contact Dr. Paula Moeller at or 512-232-2559 or Dr. Daryl Michel at or 210-380-8375.