Data Administration

The Institute for Public Schools Initiatives (IPSI) at the University of Texas at Austin, in collaboration with Social Solutions, has developed a customized multi-user data collection system called GUIDES (GEAR UP Integrated Data Entry System) based on Apricot Software™. GUIDES is an extremely secure and flexible nonprofit software solution that offers case management, stakeholder and volunteer tracking, and evidence-based outcomes management.

IPSI leverages GUIDES to design a customized data management system in accordance with any project to create robust and secure linked participant profiles not only for cohort students and their parents, but also educators, project staff, and project partners and their staff. With assistance from the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) at UT Austin, IPSI develops sensitive data control plans and protocols including data use/sharing agreements with participating local educational entities. IPSI provides templates for data uploads and sets up user access permissions for self-entered data for project services. Using this data, IPSI can assist schools in data-driven instruction and intervention. Early warning indicators, including attendance, behavior, and course performance, can be incorporated into “Data Coaching” as an indicator of project implementation toward continual improvement and as a tool to inculcate the culture of sustainability among subsequent cohorts.

In addition, the linked nature of the data system is an effective mechanism to track and audit program implementation. IPSI uses this data system to complete data measures for federal and state annual performance reports (APR) to be in compliance with any state or federal program.

Use the following templates and resources to assist you in planning GEAR UP events and services and to make your data collection more efficient.

  1. Generic Sign-in Sheet for Data Entry
  2. College Visit or College Student Shadowing Checklist and Debriefing form
  3. Job Site Visit or Job Shadowing Checklist and Debriefing form
  4. Mentoring Session Time Log
  5. Mentoring Match Profile and Plan

GUIDES Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


ASPR Reports