People are our Priority

a photo of a group of adult learners around a table

The University of Texas at Austin’s Institute for Public School Initiatives has long been an advocate for developing human capital as a way to build capacity among various stakeholder groups and sustain the implementation of evidence-based practices. Thus our motto of “People Are Our Priority.” We understand from over a decade of providing support to schools and districts that programs or resources are not the primary solutions to increase literacy or numeracy. We believe developing people is the first priority as this is the most sustainable and cost effective measure to increase student achievement. We aim to be inclusive and transparent with the support we provide, plans we co-develop, and understand the importance of establishing positive, trusting relationships from the onset.

We collaborate with teachers and leaders in schools or districts to identify student achievement strengths and areas of need prior to providing professional development or technical assistance. After a thorough review of data and the identification of a root cause(s), we identify the focus and begin the planning phase. We want support to be structured enough to provide direction as to what we want to accomplish; however, we understand that plans may need some amount of flexibility to continue a forward progression.